We Lock Atmospheric Carbon
Into Stone, For Good.

Carbon mineralization is a natural process. All we did was perfect a reactive crystallization process that matches the scale and speed our climate crisis demands.
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Here's What Makes Our Approach Scalable

Planting Assimilation

Most permanent and verifiable carbon capture method

Guaranteed Tool Repairs

Easily adaptable for multiple industrial processes

Relaxing Environment Space

Substantial revenue opportunities from valuable carbonates and metals

Micro-Managing Cleanup

Low-temperature process can be powered by industrial waste heat

Micro-Managing Cleanup

Valuable outputs reduce or eliminate effective cost of carbon capture

Here’s How We Process What Industry Discards

“Waste” inputs can include
01Gardening Courses

Carbon dioxide from flue gas, or air

02Eco-Friendly Utilities

Waste heat

03Global Crop Transport

Alumium dross

04Irrigation Techniques

Mine Tailings

04Irrigation Techniques

Iron Slag

Here's What Our Process Produces

Reactive crystallization with a recyclable solvent creates the following
01Gardening Courses

Calcium carbonate (chalk)

02Eco-Friendly Utilities

Magnesium carbonate

03Global Crop Transport


04Irrigation Techniques

Energy Critical Metals

04Irrigation Techniques


Our Founder

Greeshma Gadikota

Assistant Professor, Croll Sesquicentennial Fellow

Dr. Greeshma Gadikota is at Cornell University where she directs the Sustainable Energy and Resource Recovery Group.